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Lagers at Large: Get to Know the Most Popular Beer Style in the World

If you have sworn by beers since your teenage years, chances are high that you’ve toasted to, got.

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Chase Life’s Adventures: The Making of Hop Coolture Pale Ale

Apr 18, 2023 Featured

Quick! Chase that Engkanto van and hop on! The excitement of the craft beer scene in the Philippines rolls on with Hop Coolture Pale Ale.

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Apr 11, 2023

Rum, whiskey, and cognac, step aside. Engkanto craft beers are entering the cigar room, that is, the divan of Tabacalera Incorporada, the first and...

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Jan 5, 2023 Featured

How do you like your beer in eye-popping purple?

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Craft n’ Crunch: Engkanto x Morsels Mushroom Chips Pairing

Nov 23, 2022 Featured

Beer and chips. The usual suspects at many bars, house parties, and weekend hangouts.

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Brewing Session: What You Must Know About the Mango Nation Hazy IPA

Nov 16, 2022 Featured

Hazy, fruity, juicy. Three words you won’t usually see on a typical beer label.

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Brewing Session: What You Must Know About the High Hive Honey Ale

Nov 2, 2022 Featured, Honey Ale

No other drink in the world stirs up excitement like craft beers. The number of beer styles alone—over 100 are recognized by the Brewers...

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Brewing Session: What You Must Know About the Live It Up Lager

Oct 19, 2022 Featured, Lager

Steeped in tradition, the Lager is the most consumed beer in the world. It’s hard to deny that it’s the world’s favorite beer style.

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In the Looking Glass: Team Engkanto Reflects on the Reimagined Brand

Oct 12, 2022 Featured

The rebranding of Engkanto Brewery goes beyond the unveiling of our distinctive ‘sun’ logo.

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Sensational Spin-Off: Engkanto Livens Up Tatler’s OFF MENU Food Fest

Sep 30, 2022 Featured

At the first-ever OFF MENU, a food festival hosted by Tatler Dining Philippines, guests craving for the unexpected had their palates splendidly...

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Engkanto Everywhere: Shackin’ and Wildin’, Celebrating Shangri-La, and Forging Leaders in August

Sep 9, 2022 Featured

August, or what the superstitious call the “Ghost Month,” isn’t exactly a festive one in their calendar.

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Turn up the heat: Shake Shack’s Dark Meat Hot Chicken x Live It Up Lager

Sep 1, 2022 Featured

Beer and chicken are easily the classic one-two punch from a pairing standpoint.

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Enjoying the Full Experience of Craft Beer

Aug 3, 2022 Featured

Drinking craft beer is a unique experience in and of itself, and because it's got a life of its own, we need to understand the standard of the...

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Behind the Brew: Mango Nation Hazy IPA and Green Lava Double IPA

Jul 1, 2022 Insider, Featured

Trying new things, taking chances, and keeping an open mind are fundamental to us at Engkanto Brewery.

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Mastering the Craft: Michael ‘MJ’ Jordan’s Path in Beers and Brewing

Jun 23, 2022 Insider, Featured

The early part of the eighties was victorious for home-brewers in the United States after the federal legalization of home brewing.

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Behind the Brew: Live It Up Lager & High Hive Honey Ale

Jun 13, 2022 Insider, Featured, Lager, Honey Ale

What’s remarkable about many great craft breweries is that they don’t shy away from new ideas—they embrace them.

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A Craft Reimagined: Engkanto Introduces a Brand-New Look & Bolder Beer Variants

Jun 1, 2022 Insider, Featured

It starts with a sense of adventure. The Philippines isn’t traditionally known for its beer, but in 2017, that all changed. Engkanto was founded on...

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Bigger Than Beer: A Culture Founded by Brewers

Mar 18, 2022 Insider, Featured

These days, when you want a craft beer, you can either make a purchase from an online store or head over to the taproom of a brewery. For the craft...

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Talk Crafty: A Quick Guide to the Different Styles of Craft Beer

Feb 4, 2022 Insider, Featured

Craft beer names like Pork Slap Pale Ale and Electric Boogaloo NEIPA can make you laugh, ponder about the brewer’s strange imagination, or scratch...

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A Sense of Craft: A Complete Sensory Guide to Craft Beers

Jan 20, 2022 Insider, Featured

On many special occasions, we celebrate with beer. We drink beer chilled in icy buckets at house parties or served from tap at bars and restaurants....

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