Back-to-Back, Baby! Engkanto Snags Gold and More at World Beer Awards 2022

Oops, we did it again! 

Engkanto Brewery hauls medals at this year’s World Beer Awards (WBA), including the coveted Country Winner and Gold Medal for the new beer variant High Hive Honey Ale 

Michael ‘MJ’ Jordan, Brewmaster of Engkanto, accepted the awards last August 6, 2022, through an email correspondence with the World Beer Awards team based in the United Kingdom “What a feeling to win awards at WBC 2022 for the second year in a row! I knew High Hive Honey Ale was scoring well with Filipino craft beer fans and this Gold Medal is validation that Engkanto Brewery is kicking ass and taking names,” said MJ. “All beers arriving to the UK and getting a medal keeps us motivated on our quality focused approach to craft brewing while having fun,” he added. 




Coming off the reimagination of Engkanto’s brand and beer portfolio, Green Lava Double IPA and Live It Up Lager, the two mainstays in the line-up, took home Silver and Bronze Medals, respectively. Both variants have won medals from the WBA for two years in a row. 

High Hive Honey Ale, brewed with the purest local honey from local apiaries and imported ingredients, is now donning a Gold Medal for this year’s competition. As the Country Winner for Philippines, High Hive also moves on and will compete for the ‘World’s Best’ happening on August 25, 2022. 

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Ian Paradies, Founder of Engkanto, is ecstatic with the team’s back-to-back success. “A huge shout-out to the whole Engkanto Team for bringing home more awards for our beers for the second year in a row,” he said. “So proud that our new High Hive Honey Ale brought home both the Gold Medal and Country Winner at this year’s awards. If only the Mango Nation Hazy IPA hadn’t been damaged in transit, we may have been able to take home five awards. Excited to share with everyone what our Team has in store for the coming months!” 


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As unforeseen things happen, Mango Nation Hazy IPA didn’t make it to the competition due to shipment issues. Regardless, we are confident it could’ve brought home recognition, making the Engkanto beer line-up a perfect four-of-four in winning awards. 


“Congrats to the whole Engkanto Team, so proud of all of them! This is just one of the first steps before we start to run. I’ve been with the company just two months, but the feeling of quality and knowledge in the company is immense,” said Ricard Basora, Engkanto’s Managing Director. “Engkanto is going to the next level at the hands of our world-awarded Brewmaster MJ and these awards for two years in a row prove the good work done. High Hive Honey Ale is an incredible beer together with the Mango Nation Hazy IPA that will give us many more happy moments, he added.” 



The World Beer Awards is under the main umbrella of the prestigious World Drinks Awards. Each year, the organization presents internationally recognized awards after a rigorous, blind tasting judging from an acclaimed panel of experts. To know more about the World Drinks Awards, visit