A Craft Reimagined: Engkanto Introduces a Brand-New Look & Bolder Beer Variants

It starts with a sense of adventure.

The Philippines isn’t traditionally known for its beer, but in 2017, that all changed. Engkanto was founded on the idea of taking risks, trying new things, and setting a new standard.  

We believe that when beer drinkers are presented with better quality, they adopt better quality. With our customers and fans, Engkanto is creating a craft beer community. Some might call it a craft revolution.  

Our name comes from the enchanted spirit of our ancestors. We believe that by creating a culture fueled by passion and energy, we are unstoppable. Everyone, from our brewmaster to our cleaning crew, is a valued part of the Engkanto family.  

Engkanto didn’t set out to be different. We set out to be ourselves, and that turned out to be different. 

Discover the symbol of Engkanto’s revitalized spirit, the visual artworks that passionately express our renewed vision, and our brewmaster’s approach to reimagining the new beer variants. 


Emblazing the New Trail

A Collaboration of Artists 

Shaking Up, Staying True  

A Creative Retelling


Emblazing the New Trail 

Our sun icon was created to be an enduring beacon of a more courageous, more passionate, more creative life. Our sun logo is a bold, iconic display of our undaunted optimism and positivity—and reminds us of our local roots in relation to our country’s flag.



A Collaboration of Artists 

At the heart of great craft breweries is collaboration.  

From the creative mind of our renowned Brewmaster Michael 'MJ' Jordan, we collaborated with internationally acclaimed artist Dan Stiles and other amazing designers to reimagine what’s possible. The visual artworks on our new labels honor Engkanto’s insanely positive outlook on life and the fun and simple yet intriguing appeal of the new variants. 


Blog_Banner_Art (1)


Shaking Up, Staying True  

Engkanto Brewmaster MJ wants to awaken people's senses to realize how great beers can be while staying true to craft beer complexities. 

The beers in the current portfolio have excellent quality, but their classic appeal and high alcohol levels weren't connecting well with people new to the craft. And so, the new line-up is more approachable not only in alcohol content but in the exciting, informative, easy-to-identify labels. 

Using homegrown products, supporting local farms, and seeing the friendly communities were ideas that we have embraced. Deep down, we carry the same level of passion and pride as the farmers we met. As a result, High Hive Honey Ale was born. 

Keeping our award-winning Lager beer was also part of our new branding, so we gave it a fresher and bolder look. Live It Up Lager pays homage to Engkanto fans since day one, and its striking personality is still indisputable. 




A Creative Retelling 

Seamless and more user-friendly, the layout for the new Engkanto website is a showcase of our lively and creative outlook. Everything you need to know about our new beer variants, Live It Up Lager and High Hive Honey Ale, and useful information about our craft beers, in general, are yours in a few clicks.