Craft n’ Crunch: Engkanto x Morsels Mushroom Chips Pairing

Beer and chips. The usual suspects at many bars, house parties, and weekend hangouts. 

There’s no denying the magical pair when the pairing does work. But is there more to cheer about the usual combo? 

Cue in the mighty mushroom chips of Morsels. 

An enterprise co-founded by Jessica Tan Gan, Morsels sprang out in 2021 amid the pandemic. The impact of lockdowns and restrictions on local food supply casted down on Jessica. She knew about how farmers were forced to throw away their produce after many restaurants and food businesses had to shut their doors. 

Jessica was compelled to act, and then she stumbled on an opportunity to make healthy snacks using local mushrooms. 


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Vacuum cooked at reduced temperature, the mushroom chips of Morsels keep their nutritional value and natural flavors, as opposed to the deep-fried, conventional cooking style. 

Since mushrooms are sensitive and they can spoil quickly, the freshest harvest is selected and delivered daily from different farms, which include one in the Aeta community. The crucial parts in production according to Jessica, are timing, handling, and storage of the ingredients. 

After putting in the work to establish Morsels, Jessica is still hands on for the business. She takes joy in helping sustain the livelihood of the farmers and create more jobs in the future. 


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What resonates with us at Engkanto Brewery is Jessica’s courage and passion to help the local farming community at the most difficult time. She’s a like-minded entrepreneur, providing a natural, high-quality option in the market. 

And so, we got together for Craft N’ Crunch, a tasteful food pairing of Engkanto beers and Morsels mushroom chips. 

We’ve handpicked flavors that include Truffle, Mediterranean Salt, Sour Cream, and Salted Egg that will go well with the refreshing, aromatic, and flavorful character of our beers. 

Addicting and guilt-free, could the mushroom chips be the next best pairing with beers? Try and find out by ordering a Craft n’ Crunch snack pack. It could be the crowd favorite at your upcoming parties.