Sensational Spin-Off: Engkanto Livens Up Tatler’s OFF MENU Food Fest

At the first-ever OFF MENU, a food festival hosted by Tatler Dining Philippines, guests craving for the unexpected had their palates splendidly surprised for two consecutive nights at Shangri-La the Fort, Manila. 

The concept behind OFF MENU was simply brilliant: 12 stellar chefs in the Philippines will team up in pairs to create 6 distinct dishes. These dishes are totally unique that they’ve never been served before at any restaurant or dining outlet. 




Margarita Forés, Josh Boutwood, and JP Anglo were among the seasoned names leading the pack. Joining them were emerging chefs Don Baldosano, Nicco Santos, and Patrick Go, respectively. Adding more culinary power were the elite tandems of chefs Carlos Garcia and Tom Bascon; Stephan Duhesme and Miko Calo; and Carlo Miguel and Joris Rycken; executive chef for Shangri-La the Fort, Manila. 



The gastronomic creations from the world-class chefs have set the stage for a one-of-a-kind food pairing experience with award-winning Engkanto craft beers, selected by Tatler Dining as the event’s exclusive beer partner. Likewise, Michael ‘MJ’ Jordan, Brewmaster of Engkanto, was consulted for the pairing selections. 

Starting off with Live It Up Lager, the crisp and refreshing drink was the definite prelude for the Bulacan River Prawn, Eel Duet and Tinigib Caldo.

Moving up a notch in flavor and alcohol level, High Hive Honey Ale’s subtle sweetness was a delight to have together with the Kansi Chawanmushi and Iberíco Presa on Crispy Nori and Choux, a dessert made of fermented guava gel, and salted kamias caramel. 

The juicy and fruity flavors of Mango Nation Hazy IPA gave balance to the richness of the Iberíco Shoulder Loin and Grilled Short Rib Ochazuke. Finally, the zesty and hoppy Green Lava Double IPA found its match with the intense flavors of the Lamb Kaldereta with Machang, Smoked Tendon and Grana Padano.