How do you like your beer in eye-popping purple?  

Yes, you read purple right. And it’s nowhere near artificial coloring or any unnatural stuff.  

We are talking about Paint Me Purple Ube Lager, the newest Engkanto seasonal beer that's brewed in a limited batch using pure, native Ube, which is essentially purple yam, and high-quality, raw ingredients. 

 Michael ‘MJ’ Jordan, since joining Engkanto as the insanely creative Brewmaster, found the popular Filipino staple such an interesting and intriguing ingredient.   

“A lot of craft breweries, particularly in the United States with Filipino-American ties, they’re making ube beers. That sounds delicious,” quips MJ. “Now we’re already here in the Philippines where ube originates, why can’t we do it?”  



In this special edition of the Engkanto Beer Guide, we’re pouring out the fun with Paint Me Purple Ube Lager and spilling all the secrets of what makes this beer an incredibly unique, seasonal drink.  


A dessert-like beer from a dessert staple  

Ube is insanely good for desserts such as ice cream, pastries, and the classic halaya  

Brewmaster MJ enjoys his own share of local delicacies with ube like pandesal and ensaymada. He finds most of them delicious, fluffy, colorful, but finds some of them are often really sweet.  

 “I know ube and I’m a huge fan of local desserts,” says MJ. “It's so exciting because with an Ube Lager, we are expanding people's minds to what a beer can be.”  


Ube Lager

Hitting a home run with natural ingredients   

In making Paint Me Purple a delectable, delicious lager beer, it took Brewmaster MJ and the brewery team only one trial brew to make a hit.  

“It's a lager beer, basically, and the style itself is quite a challenge, so the raw materials we use are Pilsner malt, Carapils, and the hops is Sabro, which has a little bit of coconut profile,” explains MJ. “We did one test brew, and everyone was really happy with the aroma and flavor profile. We hit a home run on the first try, so it's awesome.”  

Aside from ube as the star ingredient, MJ also makes use of desiccated coconut for the right touch of a tropical feel.    

“If you look at ube as a basic ingredient, it’s not really flavorful, actually earthy, but with a unique aroma. So, the process we use with the coconut is really for the aromas and flavors to come through and no other fruit profiles,” explains MJ.  


The gorgeous color says it all   

Beers—often strikingly golden in color—are downright head-turning when properly poured into glasses.  

Brewmaster MJ, in his fascination with beer colors, has brewed a beer before using Dragon Fruit, which came out unique with an eye-popping hue.  

“During my time in Shanghai, China as Brewmaster for Boxing Cat Brewery, we've done this beer with Dragon Fruit that took on a unique look. The people then didn't imagine that beer can take on a different color.”  

“Similar here in the Philippines where people have grown up with beer, and everyone knows what a Lager beer is. So now in Engkanto, we're introducing beer with a distinct look,” says MJ.  



Paint the season in an exciting hue  

Eccentric and hypnotic, Paint Me Purple is a tasty and creamy beer at 5.5% ABV (alcohol content).  

An easy pair with desserts, the Ube Lager becomes more intriguing to match with local dishes like a rich and flavorful Kare-kare and a mouth-watering lechon.  

Share a toast with Engkanto’s seasonal beer and enjoy its natural flavors for your upcoming celebrations. Better yet, surprise your loved ones and send them a surprisingly extraordinary drink. 



Paint Me Purple Ube Lager is available on limited time only, to order visit: