MJ One-on-One with Nicole Allyson Uy aka The Flour Girl

Beer as a baking ingredient is unheard of, but Chef Nicole Allyson Uy aka The Flour Girl sees an exciting opportunity to use an Engkanto for one of her best-selling goodies, tiramisu! 

Before The Flour Girl dips her fingers on this delectable idea, our very own Brewmaster Michael ‘MJ’ Jordan is taking her through an awesome beer tasting session with the Engkanto Lager and Engkanto Blonde Ale. MJ explains why drinking craft beer is a sensory experience that begins with the proper pour to releases natural aromas, and he shares what dishes and desserts pair well with the complex flavors of craft beers. 

Watch along as Chef Nicole discovers why the Engkanto Lager is an easy transition to craft beer and what is in the Blonde Ale’s character that got her thinking out of the box. You’re in for a surprise!