DJ Emel Rowe is spinning the clock backwards starting with a groovy set of seventies feverish tracks from The Jones Girls, Rufus & Chaka Khan, and Homegrown Syndrome. Let your feet find the flow as this smooth operator slides in some eighties hits by Sade, Frankie Goes to Hollywood, and The Stickers. If there's still energy left in your tank, turn your room into a pulsating dance floor and pump up the volume with Simply Red, Motor City Drum Ensemble, and a throwback mix of Dua Lipa's Break My Heart. Expect a lot of stuff you know, and some new ones, which are all quality and timeless disco party songs DJ Emel Rowe has whipped up to make your nights funky, and don't forget to open a cold Engkanto Blonde Ale or Pale Ale as you ease down and unwind.



I tried to go for as far as many disco party songs as I could. Expect a lot of stuff you know, stuff you don't, and some stuff to sing along. It's all quality and all timeless. Enjoy! - DJ Emel Rowe